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Ensuring Good Hygiene With Quality Women Healthcare like Tampons, Smilepad Long Last Rapid Dry Napkins, Daily Panty Liner, Prasuti Sticky Maternity Pad and other Products.
About Us

At Smilepad Hygiene, we are committed to using our passion for innovation and quality to transform the disposable hygiene industry. Being one of the biggest and most established maternity pad producers in India, we take pride in our more than 20 years of experience in offering premium goods that are tailored to the particular requirements of expectant moms.

Numerous women all throughout the country rely on our signature product, the Prasuti Gold Maternity Pad, which has established itself as a market leader. Our products such as Smilepad Belted Maternity Pad, Smilepad Baby Diapers pack of 10, Smilepad Adult Diapers, Smilepad Reusable Menstrual Cup, etc. are created with the highest care and experience to offer optimal comfort and protection since we recognize how important comfort, safety, and dependability are during the postpartum period.

Our mission is to provide the best disposable hygiene and healthcare products possible, and we work hard to meet the changing demands of our clients in India and around the world. We are dedicated to enhancing India's healthcare system by providing top-notch, globally compliant products as the country continues to develop quickly.

We deliver hygienic goods that inspire confidence and encourage well-being by fusing historic values with cutting-edge technologies, all while keeping an eye on continual progress and client satisfaction.

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Company Vision

At Smilepad Hygiene India Private Limited, we use our long history and in-depth knowledge of the Indian disposable hygiene business under the distinguished direction of Jairam Shetgaonkar, a renowned figure with 33 years of experience in FMCG enterprises. With this abundance of information, we hope to become India's biggest private label suppliers of disposable hygiene products in addition to focusing on developing our own brands.

We are committed to bringing this vision of an entrepreneurial spirit pulsating through every Indian village into the actual world. By giving people the freedom to build their own brands, we encourage entrepreneurship and aid in the expansion of regional economies.

Our goal is to be positive change agents who improve communities and impact lives, going beyond simple production. We truly think that the prosperity of India's people is what will ultimately determine its success, and we are here to help bring about that change.

Together, we envision a healthy India. Our goal is to build a more hygienic and contented India where everyone, regardless of location or socioeconomic background, has access to excellent healthcare and hygiene services. In our ideal future, all communities would flourish in settings that prioritize well-being and moral behavior, and health inequities will be completely eliminated.

Our Brands

  • Smilepad- We kept a feeling of purity throughout the entire product development process to provide you softness and gentleness at every stage of life. So whether it's adult diapers for your golden years, maternity pads for your special days, or baby diapers for your child's active days, sanitary pads are there for you. Our goal is to comfort you and envelop you in love. Our goal is to be your devoted friend and to bring out the real smile on your face during each exciting journey through life. Because you're family to us, not simply a consumer.
  • Prasuti Gold- In order to differentiate itself in the disposable hygiene industry, Prasuti Gold Maternity Care intends to take advantage of its wealth of knowledge as one of the oldest traditional maternity pad firms in India. With a thorough grasp of market dynamics, our goal is to become India's preeminent provider of maternity care. Our dedication is focused on creating and providing premium maternity care necessities so that moms can feel comfortable and well-cared for throughout this important stage of their life.
  • Doctoright- Our goal at Doctoright is to establish ourselves as a premier Indian brand recognized throughout the world for our high-caliber face masks, orthopedic products, surgical care, and disposable wound healing. In addition to offering efficient healing solutions, our goal is to make sure you always feel secure and satisfied when selecting a Doctoright product.

Our Business

Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social impact is the driving force behind Smilepad Hygiene India Private Limited's business model. With Mr. Jairam Shetgaonkar at the helm, our company has the potential to revolutionize the disposable hygiene industry.

How We Empower

Product Innovation and Quality

  • Quality and new product innovation are our top priorities in every facet of business operations. Our wide range of products includes Smilepad Adult Diapers, Smilepad Belted Maternity Pad, Smilepad Baby Diapers pack of 10, Smilepad Reusable Menstrual Cup, etc. that are all expertly made to satisfy the highest standards of quality. We also provide various hygiene solutions.
  • By creating the first sanitary pads specifically designed for vending machines, Smilepad has completely transformed the sanitary pad industry. By putting vending machines in rural areas and selling sanitary pads for a little Rs. 5, we hope to make sanitary pads affordable for women across India.

Contract Manufacturing and Exports

  • We provide contract manufacturing services to companies wishing to enter the disposable hygiene sector, in addition to our own brands. By means of strategic alliances and cooperative efforts, we offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions customized to fulfill the distinct requirements of our customers.
  • We are dedicated to using exports to increase our market share in foreign markets. In the disposable hygiene industry, we want to build Smilepad as a reliable worldwide brand by utilizing our experience and stellar reputation.

Empowering Communities

  • Smilepad is committed to encouraging social inclusion and community empowerment. One of our main goals is to empower maternity and elderly homes by offering our items at discounted prices. Since we consider everyone to have the fundamental right to obtain basic hygiene items, we will stop at nothing to make sure that nobody is left behind.
  • By virtue of our B2B leadership in West India, we endeavor to fortify our collaborations with maternity homes, assisted living facilities, and other establishments catering to marginalized communities. Our goal in providing our products at a lower cost is to enhance people' quality of life while advancing their well-being and dignity.

In conclusion, a distinct vision to innovate, empower, and have a beneficial impactdirects our business plan. With an emphasis on contract manufacturing, exports, community empowerment programmes, and superior products, we are sure Smilepad Hygiene India Private Limited will keep setting the standard for innovation in the disposable hygiene industry and improve millions of lives.

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