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Ensuring Good Hygiene With Quality Women Healthcare like Maternity Sticky Pads, Maternity Belted Pads and other Products...


About WHE Global with Smilepad Hygiene India Pvt. Ltd.

Women are born with this natural tendency to 'Give' and their giving nature makes them superior to all. Born with a name attached to their fathers, women die with names, which share identities of their husbands and their contribution to both worldly matters and domestic spheres largely goes unnoticed. However, now time is changing and this fresh breathe of change that brings more empowering women into the center fighting their rights is our motivation to start up as a manufacturer. As a socially responsible part of this society, we are helping women in maintaining their health and debunk the age old practice of using 'Anything in Kapda' for 'Those days'.

Our social impact organization started with the thought of helping women in maintaining their hygiene in menstruation cycle days. The foundation of our company is laid by two intellectual prodigies- Mr. Jairam Shetgaonkar and Mrs. Tanvi Shetgaonkar, who work hard with to foster the culture of economic empowerment of women. Our product-line celebrates women hygiene and this is well-depicted in Baby Care, and Health Care products. Our step towards making women stand on their feet to have a name of their own starts with choosing only women as distributors for serving products like Sanitary Napkins, Panty Liners, Maternity Pads, Maternity Sticky Pads, Maternity Belted Pads etc., across Pan India.

Our Aim

WHE aims at imparting Hygiene Education with the help of some Hygiene Experts.

Our Mentors

Our Founder Mr. Jairam Shetgaonkar (BA, MBA, PG Journalism)

  • He is a man behind the success of the company. Having post-graduation degree in Management and Journalism, Mr. Jairam works with extreme dedication to benefit society as whole, especially the most underlooked women section of India.
  • He holds 28 years of experience in topmost FMCG companies.
  • His commendable growth both on a personal and business level can be seen in his remarkable journey from a cow boy small village in Goa to an international vice president and board member.
  • His work profile includes well-handling of business roles like Trade Marketing, General Management, Global Business Development and Sales & Marketing.
  • He traveled and showed his prowess of work in more than 100 countries before starting this business.
  • He is a constant visitant for Management lecturer at Birla Institute of Management and Great Lake Institute of Management.
  • He has been several times, Panelist member at FORE Institute of Management and Course and and adviser at BIMTECH.

Our Co Founder Mrs Tanvi Shetgaonkar (BCOM, MCOM, B.LIB)

  • Being a woman herself, she understands the struggles women are facing.
  • Coming from a small village in Goa, she aims at bettering lives of women and a glimpse of this can be seen in her motto at work, that reads 'Economically Empowering Women'.

Our Infrastructure

Smile Distribution Program (SDP)

WHE Distribution is our Women Empowerment Program, taking support of which we have till date bettered economical position of more than 1 lakh women by making them work as a smile distributors for serving our Smile Pads. For efficient working of these empowering women distributors, we have smile distribution centres.

Smile Super Distributors

WHE Super Distributors are basically Chain partners. The job role of these chain partners is to timely fulfill demands of smile distributors. These super distributors also hire and manage work of smile distributors. Our company prefers hiring super distributors who hold experience in pharma and FMCG sectors. These distributors work from office, named as Smile Super Point.

Smile Team Culture (STC)

Our smile team consists everyone working for the company and in fulfilling it's motto, like Smile founders, Super Distributors, WHE Employees, Smile Consumers etc.

On smile days are any two days of the month in which smile distributors have the liberty to offer 5% discount of WHE products like Maternity Pads, Panty Liners and much more to end-buyers. Smile distributors will also project 'SMILE Discount Day Signage' outside the Smile center.
  • Smile Education Camp (Sec)
  • Smile Happiness Run- In this, smile distributors manage 5km run, called as 'Smile Happiness Run' twice in a year for Smile Customers in locality.
  • Smile Health Check-Up Camp
  • Smile Micro Stockist Inauguration- Each smile distributor makes sure to inaugurate her center by the most respectable women community member.
  • Smile Distributor Whatsapp / Instagram Group
  • Smile Greeting- Smile distributor greets with 'Namaste' with smile consumers.
  • Smile Yoga Day- Smile yoga day camp is organized every year on world yoga day by smile distributor.
Smile Supply Chain Management
Factory to Super Distributor

Goods made in factory reaches to super distributor.

Super Distributor To Smile Distributors

Super distributor offers a minimal of two month-based free deliveries to smile distributors. Delivery date and payment in advanced is communicated by super distributor to smile distributor. In case of below minimum quantity orders, smile distributors arrange on their own for collecting the goods from the Super Distributor Warehouse.

Smile Distributor To Consumer Or Retailer

The responsibility to ensure products are delivered on time to clients lie on the shoulders of smile distributors.

Order Management & Payment System

Super stockist places order attached with the advanced money to WHE prior 4 days to the delivery date. After receiving of the payment, WHE releases order in around 3 days. Smile super distributor is needed to provide quarterly order summary forecast.

Smile distributor place order to the super distributor pertaining Sanitary Napkins, Maternity Pads, Panty Liners and much more. Super distributors ensure timely delivery of goods.

Pricing Management System

The work pertaining pricing from our company to Super and Smile Distributors, Retailers and Consumers is given in the form of writing when required. The job of ensuring correct pricing in their respective territories is of super distributors. On the noticeboard, applicable pricing is displayed by both super and smile distributors.

Our Factories

Our renowned company's manufacturing plant where SMILE PAD is made is settled at Ranjangaon, Pune. In this factory, production began in the year 2000. Equipped with all latest technologies, this plant helps us in delivering consistent quality of Sanitary Napkins, Maternity Pads and much more.

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